Business is driven by knowledge

Catena Valore is a multi-source information and data analysis platform for creation of relevant, validated business information which enable optimum decisions.

Catena Valore replace other platforms and are usable for many use cases – with significant benefits for all functions.

Align Strategy And Knowledge

The Catena Valore concept provide a highly efficient data assessment and validation framework

1.The platform cover multiple application areas – and can be adapted to multiple survey, evaluation and assessment types

2. New approach possible. The solution mitigates multiple environments, offering solutions for all types of organizations.

3. The method can accelerate time to market and enable substitution from traditional costly distribution and application.

4. The solution is designed to minimize risk and achieve objective knowledge Increase decision making efficiency and response significantly

Catena Valore allows you to make a wide range of surveys, polls and assessments directly from your dashboard, and gather any kind of information you would like to have from people or systems, while adding assistance, evaluations and recommendations from the community of experts where relevant.

The Services We Offer Reveal Knowledge

Catena Valore enable high quality information amalgamation from all relevant sources, add expertise and deliver knowledge => The dynamic Knowledge management platform.

Catena Valore enable ongoing knowledge in your organization

Everything we do next depends on the information we have available. Every part of our value-chain, decision process and operational process depends on haveing the knowledge we need – to decide. This goes for Employees, Systems and everything in the internal and external eco-systems. We need to understand which data can provide relevant information – where, when and how.

Commercial Impact

Catena Valore include expertise to retrieve the information you need for optimum business decisions. Validated information from target clients buying behavior, interests, pricing effects and trends will enable you to optimize your business.

Business Excellence

Excellence require understanding of the actual situation en every part of the valuechain. Internal & External systems and processes need to be optimized and aligned to available resource and available competence. Catena Valora is the perfect platform for assessemts.

Strategic Leadership

Continued innovation, preparation and on-going adaption of your plans for success – your strategy, require knowledge and assessments of future scenarios. Establish reliable information gathering and evaluation for your purpose.

This process move limitations

You can create and manage your own poll’s, surveys and assessments.

Take advantage of our library of Survey templates and get assistance to adapt precise to your purpose

Get a full- service evaluation & assessment made by experts in your business arena

Accelerate innovation capability with new knowledge

Increase Value & Transformation efficiency

The concept & technology is suitable for the deployment of a broad range of highly differentiated new information capture and search requirements

This also includes the functionality of survey engines already marketed while adding a range of concepts and functions to create additional and value.

The community of experts can accelerate implementation, deployment and value of any evaluation you require.

Catena Valore allows you to make a wide range of surveys, polls and assessments directly from your dashboard, and gather any kind of information you would like to have from people or systems.

Instant response actions & documentation

Full range business surveys & evaluations

Dynamic business assessments

Predictive analysis & forecasting

Our Partners

Partners of Catena Valore are certified experts of evaluation & survey design, professional assessments and can facilitate any project you may have


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Roles in the eco-system

The Catena Valore eco system include project related roles and the community of contributors which give wide range of opportunities.

Utilities & Consumption

Consumption of energy may be necessary - but, also an important area to manage and understand. Start by evaluation of your situation and potential for improvement.

HR & Organization

many organizations meassure, quantfy, assess and evaluate many aspects of their organizations. From individual recrutment to leadership and governance.

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