Create a survey

This is a short introduction to th ecreation of your own surveys on the platform

A Survey can be conducted in several ways in Catena Valore. It depends on the purpose and your objectives. In all ways the purpose is to collect data from you respondents. There distribution of the are email surveys, personal interview or

  1. Define your target group, your set of respondents. Or allow it to be anonymous.
  2. Set the boundaries such as start and and end-dates, max anonymous answers etc.
  3. Edit your messages to the respondent; The invitation message, “Thank you for participating” etc
  4. Create the set of questions you want to ask your respondents. There might also an already conducted survey in this area/purpose. Then use the Library of templates.
  5. Depending on the size and areas of the survey i.e. number of questions, arrange it in pages and sections. Or as easy as a single question directly in the email.
  6. Use the set of question-types such as “text answer”, “select from list”, “yes/no” etc
  7. Spice it up with headers, text and images.
  8. Review your survey while you are working or even send it to yourself or a team member.
  9. Whenever you are confident with the survey, publish it. Either by sending emails or write forms for manual registration
  10. Keep track of progress trough your survey dashboard,
  11. You can instantly view incoming answers

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