Usecase Library

The platform inclused a wide range of prepared project and servey templates. Ready for the most comon use-cases.

Catena Valore Use-case library

The evaluation platform can include a wide range of usecases – and you can jump-start from ready made templates

Personal dashboard make usage efficient

The tool to create knowledge

The Catena Valore concept provide a highly efficient data assessment and validation framework

1.The platform cover multiple application areas – and can be adapted to multiple survey, evaluation and assessment types

2.New approach possible. The solution mitigates multiple environments, offering solutions for all types vendors

3.The method can accelerate time to market and enable substitution from traditional costly distribution and application.

4.The solution is designed to minimize risk and achieve objective knowledge Increase decision making efficiency and response significantly

Good project overview

Project Management

Multipage survey enable advanced assessments

Multi layer survey design

Ready made or bespoke reports

The output you need