Customer service

The key to continued business development is the ability to understand your clients.

Service & Quality is valuable

Understanding how you add continued value to your customers is essential for future selection.

Client perception strongly influence your performance

Customer feedback matters

Considering the resource invested in evert clustomer aquisition – the value of retension and continued development of your business with the client has a significant impact on your future business value and performance. This is relevant at any stage in the value chain. Getting a cup of coffe, making online purchase or negotiating a mega construction agreement. There are multiple scenarios to understand, meassure and react to.

The ability to understand how well you perform, how clients are satisfied with your service, products, interaction and organization in general.

Catena Valore include ready made survey and assessment templates which will enable you to get the information and knowledge you need in a possitive client interaction.

The community and experts can assist with bespoke adaptations for any purpose. You are welcome to contact f

Will your clients recommend you

Ongoing information about clients perception of the interaction with you, is important for all your business decisions

Customer satisfaction

Are you handeling claims efficiently

Poorly handling of claims can become very expensive, but a good process can increase cleint satisfaction

Claims handeling

Do you keep clients interested

Do you provide the information your clients like to get from you ? – does newsletters, posts etc. inspire for further engagement