Utilities & Consumption

Consumption of energy may be necessary - but, also an important area to manage and understand. Start by evaluation of your situation and potential for improvement.

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Mapping of consumption

The energy crisis affects most people, both private individuals and companies. It may be easy to find the source of the company’s high energy consumption, but how do we change ? Perhaps your energy-intensive machines are the lifeblood of the business? Perhaps you have suppliers who have raised the price of business-critical products? It may also be that you just need help on how to specifically reduce your energy consumption in your less energy-intensive business. Clarity will help you prioritize and improve the situation

1 Energy map

You can use the pre-designed project template to initiate your specific map and enable relevant monitoring of consumption patterne in any detail required.

2 Potential

The information will reveal areas of possible improvement and with an appropriate assessment you can obtain a relevant recommendation for potential improvement

3 Expert

By engaging a validated expert from the community you can get the assistance required to prioritize and manage implementation of selected improvement activities