Category Use Cases

Examples of usecases in different functional and industrial areas


Utilities & Consumption

Consumption of energy may be necessary - but, also an important area to manage and understand. Start by evaluation of your situation and potential for improvement.

HR & Organization

many organizations meassure, quantfy, assess and evaluate many aspects of their organizations. From individual recrutment to leadership and governance.

Mergers + Aquisitions

Structures information and knowledge is key to the establishment of successful partnership

Resource & Transformation

Resources are consumed in every part of the valus chain - and your products and services has a direct impact on previous or following steps in the chain. In addition legal and compliance regulations are increasing for all types of organizations

Customer service

The key to continued business development is the ability to understand your clients.


Commercialization already starts at the ideation of any innovation - once you get closer to launch - you need to understand your position to create the desired impact.

Needs Analysis

Any requirements to change, upgrade or amend your capabilities require information - clera and structured. The needs analysis methods will help you achive your goals


The ability to uncover real potential in a complex organization, get valid information for recommendation and decisions on transformation require structure and expertice.

Market Insights

Valid and ongoing information and knowledge about yor clients, channels and markets are crucial to your business.