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Business Consulting for knowledge

Catena Valore are becoming a major platform for use by business analytics and advisors to understand, and validate where to prioritize resource and activities, when pursuing improvements anywhere in the value chain .

A significant part of getting the knowledge you really need, is the ability to ask the right questions understand the feedback.

Catena Valore is a community

The power of knowledge is and continue to be essential to any organization.

Catena Valore combines the power of advanced digitalization with the knowledge, expertise and experience of the community.

As a member – User, Expert or Consultant – your can tap into the latest evaluation, survey and information analysis – and use that for the creation of your organization, clients and projects.

Your can share new knowledge, analysis and assessment methods with the community, while creating value.

The knowledge we seek are rarely to find, develop and understand by individuals nor single organizations alone.

Organizations and users of this platform will be able to make use of concepts, methods, templates and common knowledge created.

Out network of experts and users will be able to provide the best possible advice, guidance and use-case information possible – and help your organization to keep knowledge relevant.

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You choose a full working concept

Catena Valore is much more than a survey system – it is a full evaluation solution which include all the support and expertise you require when you need it.

24/7 Customer Support

Support is there when you need it.

Community of experience

The knowledge and experience from the full user community ensure optimum quality.

Partners Worldwide

Accredited partners are able to assist you with relevant expertise anywhere.

We provide expertise, experience and extraordinary digital innovation


Provide unique information intelligence platform and related expertise

Catena Valore allow you to make a wide range of surveys, polls and assessments directly from your dashboard, and gather any kind of information you would like to have from people or systems.

The solution is include lifelong analytical expertise across the entire value chain, industries and functions.

It is conceptually designed to support stakeholders in any function to make better decisions.

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Roles in the eco-system

The Catena Valore eco system include project related roles and the community of contributors which give wide range of opportunities.

Utilities & Consumption

Consumption of energy may be necessary - but, also an important area to manage and understand. Start by evaluation of your situation and potential for improvement.

HR & Organization

many organizations meassure, quantfy, assess and evaluate many aspects of their organizations. From individual recrutment to leadership and governance.

Have A Business Idea In Your Mind?

Your business success depends on your ability to navigate in past, present and future information. The information you need may be a few moments away from becoming valuable knowledge.

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Community & Partering

The Community and validated partner network will provide the time, experience and expertise a system could never offer. You can use it and contribute when suitable.


How do I become community member

When you sign-up for your subscription you will become member and can offer your own survey templates and expertise to other members of the community.

What happens to my contributions

The templates you select to offer for the community members to use will be validated and approved by Catena Valore. Once approved, you will get a share of the usage-fee paid by the community members who are using the templates you have created.

How can I use the community ?

You have the opportunity to ask the community for contribution and assistance for your specific needs in related to Catenavalore evaluations. This can be other users and certified experts offering their paid services for members.


How do I become a partner

CatenaValore offer advisors and consultants with relevant competences the opportunity to become certified partners.

This includes the opportunity to use CatenaValore in the partners own service offering to clients.

What is the value in becoming a partner

As a partner you will recieve initial on-boarding training and on-going up-dates.

You will be enabled to use Catena Valore as a community expert

You will be able to sell Catena Valore to your own clients

You will be able to include your special expert templates in the community offering

When can users benefit from partners

All clients will be able to use validated partner contributions and services when relevant.

This mean that the offering relevant to clients will continue to grow and improve along the any expert support required.

Subscribers will be able to see the offering directly from their dashboard.