Needs Analysis

Any requirements to change, upgrade or amend your capabilities require information - clera and structured. The needs analysis methods will help you achive your goals


The ability to uncover real potential in a complex organization, get valid information for recommendation and decisions on transformation require structure and expertice.

Market Insights

Valid and ongoing information and knowledge about yor clients, channels and markets are crucial to your business.

Usecase Library

The platform inclused a wide range of prepared project and servey templates. Ready for the most comon use-cases.

Become a Contributor

Contributions from users and experts will increase the value of using Catena Valore for everyone. Maybe you can benefit too.

Community of knowledge

The Catena Valore community of Users, experts - their experience combined with new information and knwoledge, will enable faster transformation, better innovations and improved results in any organization.

Working with projects

Introduction to projects, how you can create and work with the platform to manage a range of information