Know where your are going – why ?

Clear knowledge of the value chain, innovation impact, customers and market trends, means everything to strategic planning, competitive positioning and ongoing performance.

Power to combine Data with expertice & experience

CatenaValore allows you to make a wide range of surveys, polls and assessments directly from your dashboard, and gather any kind of information you would like to have from people or systems.

  • Easy to use dashboard for full project management.
  • Survey creation and management system
  • Extensive library of predesigned survey templates., Professional score cards, tracking and full expert reports,Assessment assistance by industry experts

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The Knowledge platform

CatenaValore allow you to make a wide range of surveys, polls and assessments directly from your dashboard, and gather any kind of information you would like to have from people or systems.

Survey platform

You can create, launch and manage everything from simple poll’s to advanced evaluations with the same platform.

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Project Management

Your organization get a full project dashboard, which will give you the perfect overview of all phases in any survey and assessment.

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Reports & Output

You can use predefined reports and output formats and access experts to assist you in assessing and present your new knwoledge

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Advanced Analytics

You have access to expert assistance for establishment of any bespoke evaluation you may need.

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The platform will allow you to integrate automatic poll’s, data gathering and validation.

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You become member of the community, where you can get a wide range of services .

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Ready to go in a few simple steps – you can upgrade anytime


Access to full Dashboard, ready to go surveys and standard output formats as well as one multi-page assessment

199 .00

Online and community support

  • 1 User Platform access
  • 5 Polls and Surveys
  • 1 Multi-page assessment
Includes full community membership


Access to full Dashboard, ready to go surveys, standard and editable reports as well as multi-page assessment

499 .00

Online, community and personal support

  • 5 Users Platform access
  • 20 Polls and Surveys
  • 10 Multi-page assessments


Access to full Dashboard, ready to go surveys, standard and editable reports and multi-page assessment guideance.

999 .00

Online, community and select support

  • 10 Users Platform access
  • 100 Polls and surveys
  • 30 Multi-page assesments

Improve your Business

Catena Valore include expertise to retrieve the information you need for optimum business decisions. Validated information from target clients buying behavior, interests, pricing effects and trends will enable you to optimize your business.

Project Management Tools

Catena Valore includes relevant admin and management tools

Community driven development

Wide range of ready to use survey and project templates.

Cloud Architecture

Secure SAAS platform


  • Full platform access
  • Premium survey package
  • Expert support
  • Template library
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Report tool
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Work Process

Designing the right survey & information assessment approach make significant difference. Ask the right questions.

Understand what you really need

The platform already contains a range of prepared surveys, you can use as basis for your own. The most important is any evaluation is to ask the right questions.

Launch your project

You manage all your projects, surveys and assessments via your dashboard. This includes respondent administration.

Get a professional assessment

You can easily get assistance to any part of the process via the community and validated experts. From Survey design to full assessments.

Have A Project on your mind ?

We are happy to let you know how it could be realized

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Let’s get started

Catena Valore is a cloud based platform which will continue to evolve with user and market requirements.

System features

What is a Poll

A poll is a short and simple survey – which have few an clear answer options.

What kind of surveys can we make

CatenaValore provide a wide range of opportunities – from simple Poll’s to large structured evaluations. You can select from a library of pre-made survey templates – and then adjust to fit your purpose or start from schratch.

The Survey can be presented on-line on any device the unique respondents, – or used for datacollection via peronal interviews.

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How do we manage respondents

All respondent data are first of all completely compliant with GDPR and can be managed as you require.

Respondents can be addressed via individual mails, anonymous links or directly via roaming devices. A respondent can also be any digital accesspoint. e.g. IOT, POS, Meassurement devices etc.

You will be able to use survey and assessment data for on-going follow-up and progression reporting.

Design & Output

How does assessments work

You can obtain the data and information you are looking for via Surveys, Poll’s and automated data collation, Assessments help you get objective information out of these data. This may include structured analysis and/or personal follow-up interviews by relevant experts.

Can we design our own reports

The output can be delivered in several formats. Either pre-designed output reports, powerpoint or Excel formats.

Can we include information

There are several ways of including information for the relevant respondents. DIrectly in the on-line surveys – or via survey invitation mail, landingpage and follow-up and results pages.